Scan of:  ___4_513, San Francisco Bay Area circa May 2013

Gonna start posting some film scans weekly for the next bit. If there’s suddenly content it’s because I mean to make it, so otherwise enjoy!

Dan Svizeny - “It’s Beautiful”

WOOL AND THE GANG: Behind the Scenes with Pamela Hanson”

Shot by Noah, edited by me

Gorgeous Children - Grassnlean Dreams

Something we did together a couple summers ago. 

Somewhere in Shantou, China (“STORE”) by Tina Stryzakowski, 8.29.13

"AI" Jersey by Chris John Fussner (Front and Back), 9.5.13

Tina (Sherwood Island), 10.19.13

Happy Birthaversary

My Old Gibson (Sold), 8.19.13

Alex (G.O.A.T.), 7.27.13